Summer Shopping with Tammy #4 June 30 2016, 0 Comments

This week I decided to hunt the tried-and-true way,  I scoured good old-fashioned estate sales, rummage sales, tag sales, and yard sales.  You may be wondering what the difference is between each sale. A yard sale is mostly held in a driveway, garage or yard  and it is all the unwanted and unused items that the person holding the sale does not want anymore.  It usually consist of household items, dishes, tools, baby items, clothes, furniture, and other unwanted goods.  You may find a treasure among all the junk. 

An tag and rummage sale is somewhere in-between an estate sale and a yard sale.  It usually has slightly higher quality items and it is usually held by someone other than the owner of the property.  Churches,  non-profit organizations, and fund raising groups are a good place to look for these type of sales.

Lastly, an estate sale is a sale of property and goods from an estate.  Since the person or persons whom the merchandise belong to have passed, an outside sales professional holds the sale.  Most often they are held throughout the house and there is loads of furniture, antiques, kitchen ware, clothes, patio and garden furniture, jewelry, and other vintage items.  Estate sales are where many antique dealers shop so be sure to get there early, before the doors open, and stand in line.  Wonderful treasures at good prices are always found.

Happy Hunting!!