Giving Thanks November 19 2014, 0 Comments

Giving Thanks

It has been awhile since my last post, we have been busy! We moved in with mom and dad for a month, while our new house was getting ready…and boy are we thankful. It was a busy, crazy time, but we/they did it and now we are settling into our new home. I have learned many things about my family over the last month, as we were all somewhat re-acquainted after 6 years. I especially learned about mom’s jewelry designs, her studio, and work habits. These are the learnings that stick out:

  1. Mom can pretty much make jewelry anywhere in the house…kitchen table, backyard chairs, family room table, kitchen island, and most interestingly the laundry room counter. Henry was sleeping in her jewelry studio for a month…so she got creative.
  2. She was able to keep away the small pearls and crystals from Henry, and also from Pete (her 70 lb lab) which proved challenging.
  3. Since I was working from home during this time, she often knocked on my door and had me try on a new necklace, or check out her new designs. I would like to think I added to her jewelry designs during that month, although I know her time designing jewelry was very limited.
  4. Mom took Henry so many times to her local vintage jewelry sources that they now know him by name (and are probably missing him!).
  5. Vintage jewelry designing and creation is NOT easy…it is an iterative process with stringing and unstringing pearls, wearing necklaces around and then changing them, looking to others for feedback, and trying and trying again.

I am very thankful to my mom and family for letting us live there, watching our son, and helping us out for a month.  Check out the website for her latest fall favorites...leather bracelets with pearls and charms.  Have a Happy Thanksgiving!