Grateful for Fathers June 16 2014, 0 Comments

Happy Father’s Day! Yesterday, I was excited to celebrate my dad as well as my husband, Jude, on his first Father’s Day. I know that dad and my sister, Allison, spent several hours yesterday working out and sleeping (their favorite things), while Jude spent the day working on the yard and playing with our son. I am grateful for them both, not many dads will do yoga with their daughter and attend every home AZ Cardinals game with their son (dad), give our son a bath every night, after the daily wrestling match (Jude), and comment on moms vintage jewelry to give her “feedback” (dad and Jude). When I was little, I am sure that my dad never imagined that he would have an aerospace engineer daughter and son-in-law, two commercial real estate gurus, and a vintage jewelry designer and creator in his immediate family. Quite a range... He has been nothing but supportive of each of us in our own endeavors, including my mom and her vintage jewelry business. His comments like “don’t put something heavy on a vintage chain”, “will that hurt to wear” , and “if you drop the vintage necklace, will it break?” have been nothing short of inspirational to my mom (or at least practical!). So thanks Dad and Jude for being great fathers and for supporting the people in your life…especially the jewelry designing kind!