Summer Blues... September 02 2014, 0 Comments

Happy Labor Day! This past weekend, my husband, son, sister, and I headed to Southern California, for some R&R. The weather was gorgeous, blue skies every day, the ocean was cool and refreshing, and it was lovely to see family. The perfect end to summer! The water had a hint of turquoise, combined with the blues and greens, that made it shimmer in the sun. Sitting at the beach made me think of my childhood, running in the waves, building sand castles, hunting for sand crabs…the smell reminded me of Mexican food dinners, family laughter, and reading a book with the ocean breeze. Memories at the beach are held close to our hearts. We want to give our son these memories, so that he can conjure them later in life and recall the salty smell of the ocean and the tickly feel of the sand on his feet. Mom’s necklaces sometimes do that as well, putting one on, can be like remembering the last time you wore it, or the special occasion it represents. The colors of the ocean remind me of the aquamarines and vintage blue crystals that are in mom’s vintage necklaces. Her pearls and flower necklace remind me of the wedding I attended last year and danced past midnight. Her pearl birds nest necklace reminds me of my baby shower last year, and all the women who attended. A coral necklace reminds me of our trip to Sante Fe, the blue bouquet one of my wedding day, the purple amethyst one of my grandpa, the list goes on and on. Each one representing a small memory, each one happy.