Love your Feet January 25 2021, 0 Comments

January has been a good time to clean out my closet, sort through my shoes and declutter.  I never realized how important shoes are until I started doing shows.  Being on my feet and selling jewelry for hours requires extremely comfortable shoes, especially when you have 10 hour days. I have a system that I like to use and it works pretty well.  I have my shoes shelved in categories of how many hours I can stand in them.  Call me crazy but it works!  The cute but very unpractical shoes go on the top shelves.  They require the least amount of wear time.  The most comfortable shoes that I can last all day in, go on the middle shelves and the half day shoes go on the bottom shelves.  The shoes that feel the slightest bit uncomfortable go right into the donate bag.  Happy feet, happy show, happy day! 

Here are 3 of my current sole mates that I can last all day in and then some. 

1) These are great for a Valentine’s Day gift.  Red shoes put a spunk in my day!  Cloud footwear is uber comfortable, easy to put on with the zipper on the side and a very sporty look.  Click on the shoe to have a look.


2) The second pair of shoes that I am currently coveting are black velvet Birdies.  Their website says they are “the stylish flat that’s secretly a slipper”.  My “students”, (my grandboys who I had been online homeschooling for weeks, that’s a whole other story) gave them to me for Christmas.  I love them!  So comfortable, all day wearing, classic looking and super cute with jeans.  Click on the shoe to have a look.

3) The third pair of shoes that have my feet thanking me are Tamaris.  They were a gift from my other daughter who purchased them in Germany.  The soft insole fits to the wearer’s individual foot shape, delivering an optimum level of wearing comfort.  They have a wedge heal and stylish lace ups, making them look very chic and euro.  New out is this awesome navy blue color, sure to get you loads of compliments!  Click on the shoe to have a look.

This Valentine’s Day why not find your sole mate and treat your feet!