I'll Take the Blue One Please March 24 2014, 0 Comments

Welcome to Tammy Auther Designs!  Tammy and I are excited that you are here, take a moment to glance at her designs, read the blog for inspiration, sign up for emails, and feel free to shop the collection.  I am Tammy's daughter, Caitlin, and will be blogging about her designs, jewelry, and life.

As a late-twenties mom, wife, and working woman, I am so grateful for my mom and her jewelry.  She has supplied me with pieces to wear for special occasions, the first day at a new job, an interview, a school dance, the list goes on and on.  Her designs make me feel confident, pretty, and inspired.  Last weekend, I was visiting my parents and had a wedding to attend on Saturday night.  As is my habit, I wandered into my mom's jewelry room to decide which necklace would look the best with my blue and white dress.  Her jewelry studio is incredible, vintage paintings, a mirror decorated with broken dishes, velvet drapes, manikins, and the smell of citrus, oranges, and lemon.  At her desk are unattached small beads, pearls, crystals, and wire, things for a new creation.  I pick up a blue necklace, made of aquamarines, and hold it up in front of the mirror.  Blue is on my mind these days, perhaps because I just had a baby boy, or maybe because living in the midwest has made me miss the ocean, so at this moment, I want a blue necklace.  As mom clasps it to my neck, I know this is the one that I will wear.  It matches my dress and I feel ready for the dancing, drinking, and eating to come.  Picking out a piece for one night is pretty easy, wish that I had more of her pieces for everyday.  I am thinking of asking her to make a turquoise necklace, or find a treasure that is the Tiffany blue color, or perhaps even using some old blue vintage glass beads with pearls.  Shop her new spring collection and lookout for the pieces with blue.