Valentines February 07 2015, 0 Comments

According to legend, St. Valentine wrote letters to a loved one from prison and signed them “Your Valentine”, thus beginning centuries filled with cards, flowers, dinners, chocolates and celebration. If it’s true, then one simple, small gesture in a man’s life has contributed significantly to the modern culture. Whether you celebrate Valentines with your loved one, go out with your girlfriends, or refuse to celebrate the holiday at all…it is part of your life. Looking beyond the commercial cards, gifts, and expensive dinners, there is a simple subtle message on Valentine’s Day, and that is to tell your loved one that you love them, which is enough. But, if you must indulge yourself, Tammy Auther Designs has vintage necklaces and bracelets that are perfect for Valentines….hearts, lockets, reds and pinks. Remember St. Valentine and sign your new vintage piece for your loved one from “Your Valentine”.